Gender Bias Learning Project

A zany brainy look at a serious subject

A project of the Center for WorkLife Law UC Hastings College of the Law

Welcome to WorkLife Law’s Gender Bias Learning Project!

Gender bias in academia is alive and well. Identifying and understanding the distinct patterns of gender bias is the first step towards ensuring that bias does not derail your career. The Center for WorkLife Law, with support from a NSF ADVANCE leadership grant, has developed this on-line gender bias training that teaches you to identify the four basic patterns of gender bias:

  • Prove it Again!
  • The Double Bind
  • The Maternal Wall
  • Gender Wars

Although gender bias is a serious topic with professionally damaging consequences, WorkLife Law’s gender bias training website offers a zany, brainy approach that allows you to learn what you need to know, share your experiences, and have fun in the process.

Introduction by Joan Williams

Hear Joan speak about WorkLife Law’s Gender Bias Learning Project.

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This training also provides survival strategies for handling each type of bias, as well as:

  • A series of animated video scenarios illustrating each pattern
  • Video clips from interviews with gender bias experts
  • A pop quiz to help you test your knowledge
  • An on-line game: Gender Bias Bingo

Learn More about Gender Bias

Learn more about Gender Bias in the workplace.

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Teaching and Training Gender Bias

Learn about ways to teach gender bias in a meeting, classroom or training session.

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