Gender Bias Learning Project

A zany brainy look at a serious subject

A project of the Center for WorkLife Law UC Hastings College of the Law

Patterns of Gender Bias

Gender bias falls into four basic patterns. Naming them makes it easier to spot them, and having a common language to describe the different types of bias makes it harder for others to shrug off or ignore complaints.

Four Distinct Patterns

Learn about the four main gender bias patterns listed below. Does one of these ring a bell with you? Or has someone you know run up against one? Learn to play the game of gender equality—and win.

When women have to work twice as hard to get half as far.

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When mothers are assumed to be incompetent and uncommitted.

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When women must choose between being liked and being respected.

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When gender bias turns into conflicts among women.

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Double Jeopardy : A Significant Overarching Issue

Gender bias can differ according to the race of the woman involved. This “double jeopardy” of race and gender is found in all of the four basic patterns of bias and can add an additional layer of complexity as women of color navigate professional situations. Click here to learn more about double jeopardy.

Sure, I Get It! – Pop Quiz

After watching all the scenarios, take our Gender Bias Quiz to see how much you’ve learned. Click here.