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Gender Bias Bingo

Each Bingo square on the card below contains the name of a gender bias pattern. Click on the square and type in an anecdote or quote from your experiences (or the experiences of your colleagues) that fits the pattern.*

Share your experiences of at least three bias types listed below, and you will be entered in our weekly lottery to win a highly coveted “Real Professors Play Gender Bias Bingo” T–shirt! We are only able to send t-shirts to addresses in the United States and Canada.

Want clarification on the terms used in Gender Bias Bingo? View the glossary of terms here. Click here to download a printable version of the Gender Bias Bingo card and a glossary of the terms used.

Teaching and Training with the Gender Bias Learning Website

Learn about ways to use the GBL website in a meeting, training or classroom.

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*Submitted quotes and anecdotes may be used on the gender bias learning website
or in future WorkLife Law publications. Please omit all information in your submissions that will identify you or your institution. Material used by the Center for WorkLife
Law will not include any identifying information (e.g. email addresses, names of
parties involved, names of institutions, etc.).

Thank you to Shelley Correll and Peter Glick for their helpful feedback on the gender bias bingo content.