Gender Bias Learning Project

A zany brainy look at a serious subject

A project of the Center for WorkLife Law UC Hastings College of the Law

Watching Videos to Learn Strategies for Managing Gender Bias

Conversations about managing gender bias are especially productive after the group
has a general knowledge of gender bias and the main gender bias patterns. Ideas
for teaching these using the Gender Bias Learning website can be found

Participants develop examples for Gender Bias Bingo

Watch Videos of Gender Bias Experts Describing Gender Bias Patterns

Note: This version works well for groups of women with professional experience.

  1. 1.Break the group into five small groups. Each group can be assigned to each of
    the four main patterns of gender bias (Prove it Again!, The Maternal Wall, Double
    Bind, Gender Wars), and to “General Survival Strategies.”
  2. Ask participants to review the bingo card and the glossary of terms. You may want
    to review them as a group as well.
  3. Ask each group to watch the relevant strategy videos
    Prove it Again!,
    The Maternal
    , Double Bind,
    Gender Wars, and General Survival Strategies
  4. After watching the videos, the group can then develop additional strategies for
    their category of gender bias and develop a presentation to the larger group teaching
    Strategies to combat gender bias.
  5. Encourage creative presentations including acting out scenarios, developing a social
    marketing campaign, creating visual aids, etc. Offering poster paper, pens, a projector
    for computer-based presentations, etc. can be helpful and encouraging.