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レビトラ通販サイトではレビトラを通販で購入する方にレビトラの効果、レビトラの副作用、レビトラの正しい服用方法などのレビトラ基礎知識について詳しく解説しています。レビトラでED治療しましょう!100%正規品・安心・安全 なレビトラの激安通販サイトへようこそ!

Printable Games and Activities

The Gender Bias Learning Project is excited to offer you three fun and educational
games/activities that you can incorporate into your gender bias training:

Each of these simple and effective activities is easy to understand and facilitate.
All three of these games offer the greatest impact if they are used to reinforce
a basic understanding of the categories and subcategories of gender bias. Please
use the following handout to teach the players the meanings of each category and

To play each of these games, simply read the instructions, print the training materials
(some printouts require cutting, a paper slicer is recommended), and you will be
ready for an informative and engaging training session!

Gender Bias Bingo

Scenario Sorting Race

Race to the Top

Teaching and Training Gender Bias Online

Read about teaching and training ideas using the Gender Bias Learning website.

Learn More

To learn about the Workshop Activity for Gender Equity Simulation (WAGES) board
game developed at Penn State, click